Owen Healthcare, Application Development

November 12, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

Austin Programmers Group has worked with Owen’s application development staff on multiple projects over the past several years, including “Year 2000 upgrade” work as well as enhancing business functionality in some of our company’s key software products. Austin Programmers Group provided consistently high quality work and met the agreed upon target dates of each of these projects.

I found the working arrangement we had with APG to be cordial and professional. They accomodated me when I needed special arrangements for some projects. An example of this was providing special billing documentation for one of the projects. The Owen programming staff found APG easy to work with, very reliable and professional,and the end result always very satisfactory.

I will continue to consider APG for projects or needs which may arise in the future.


William W. Lukefahr
Director, Application Development

Owen Healthcare, Inc.
9800 Centre Parkway
Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77036