Austin Programmers Group provides:

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Analysis & Requirements Gathering
  • Use Case Generation
  • Screen and Report Mockups
  • Database Design
  • Programming

All within a proven software development lifecycle methodology.  The result is an information system that is finely tuned to your company’s needs.


We specialize in a programming language call DataFlex (along with many others). By using DataFlex we have found our clients benefit from long software life cycles and excellent returns on their business investment. Developed and sold by Data Access Worldwide, DataFlex is synonymous with blazing fast database access and compatibility across a wide variety of platforms. The company’s DataFlex GUI development platform and non-native database support, as well as its Web Application server (WebApp) and mobile capabilities, along with continued support for its character-mode procedural and OOPs versions, make for a very robust development system offering.

APG’s senior developers have literally decades of experience starting with DataFlex version 1.6 through OOPs, console mode and the most recent versions of Visual DataFlex. Our work spans the country. Our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.

APG entered the 3rd party tool market in 1994 as creators of the Extended Report Package (ExReport.pkg) and Virtual Browser (VBrowz) for object oriented DataFlex. Our published articles include “Rebuild Dataflex Databases“, “Softly Manipulating Filelist.CFG“, “How to Let Users Define the Indexes Your Programs Use“, “Building a Better Report.PKG“, and “Dataflex and TTS“.

The following article, published originally in Data Access e-News, strongly supports our philosophical approach to software development and lifecycle maintenance: Austin Programmers Group’s expertise extends client’s ROI in DataFlex (pdf – opens in separate window).

RC Professional

We support RC Professional (RCPro), a manufacturing and supply chain management system, written in Visual DataFlex. RCPro’s original developer made the decision in 2010 to discontinue support, leaving the system stuck at an old DataFlex version, and its customers with no go-forward path. Since 2012 we have been migrating these companies to the current version of DataFlex, converting the native ISAM database to Microsoft SQL Server, rewriting its Crystal Reports into DataFlex Reports, and providing ongoing support for bugs and feature requests, such as e-commerce website integration, scanners and mobile apps.