Healthcare Technologies

Our organization has been beyond pleased with the performance of APG on our project to date. Michael and Ryan are consummate professionals whose level of customer service extends to the design process itself. Without their level of attention to detail, our project would not possess many of the facets that will improve our office’s workflow. Our project began as a way to reduce the amount of time physicians would need to interface with our EMR. As a result of APG’s experience, insight and forethought, the project will have a much more far-reaching impact, improving physician, staff and patient quality of interaction alike.
Emily Tidmore, Practice Administrator
NeuroTexas, PLLC

We have been involved in healthcare technology projects since 1994.  Some of our more notable high-profile development projects include:

  • A tablet-based graphical check-in system for patients of a top neurology practice in Austin, TX. The project required interfacing to a 3rd-party EMR which had no documentation requiring us to reverse-engineer all the calls to the SQL database.
  • A generalized Medicaid EDI interface to a 3rd party payor for a Houston, TX hospital pharmacy management company.  We also provided project management and development resources for various Y2K remediation projects.  Along with upgrades & customizations, we architected and implemented a real-time transaction management system which was integrated into the core product line. 
  • Software interface designs for automated medication dispensing equipment (Pyxis).
  • Browser solutions for a customer of Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics that enabled the real-time ordering, results management, and collaboration of clinical laboratory information for physicians, nurses and clinicians.  Included integrations with multiple EMRs.
  • Designing and implementing multiple pharmacy data conversion projects for ICL/Fujitsu.
  • Reverse-engineering FDA required technical documentation from Intel microcode for a public medical equipment company supplying infusion pumps worldwide.