Minerva Associates, Lisa Minerd

May 24, 1995

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Michael D. Steffano with great pleasure. I am owner of a software development company in San Diego. All our systems are developed using the DataFlex product. We have been using DataFlex for more than 8 years.

Mr. Steffano has performed very well in meeting our design and programming needs, under aggressive schedule requirements. I am impressed with Mr. Steffano’s knowledge of DataFlex and particularly in systems design.

Mr. Steffano conducts himself in a professional manner. He is a pleasure to work with. To-date, he has produced flawless work for us.

We are excited to have established a working relationship with Mr. Steffano, and plan to involve his services in our efforts to migrate our products to fully utilize DataFlex object-oriented programming features.


Lisa Minerd
Principal Partner

Minerva Associates
12555 High Bluff Drive
Suite 170
San Diego, CA 92130-2056
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