Dataforce Corporation, Michael Luther

January 21, 1995

To Whom It May Concern:

This is an open letter discussing Michael Steffano’s past relationship with my firm Dataforce Corporation. Dataforce has contracted Mr. Steffano twice over the last nine years for his Dataflex programming and computer skills. The first contract lasted approximately six months. Mr. Steffano performed Dataflex 2.3b programming during this time and worked closely with another Dataflex programmer. We were pleased with his programming skills and level of output.

The second contract was much broader in scope and lasted over a period of two years. Mr. Steffano had much broader input into the system design, and was primarily responsible for the “core” features of the product, which was written primarily in Dataflex 2.3b and 3.01. These included, but were not limited to, designing and programming the job control of the system, the payroll processing module, the reporting module, and the output management module. The system was extremely large in scope, and required him to work with several other programmers, a database administrator, the end users, and myself. He also helped us review alternative programming languages, was involved in upgrading the system from the older version of Dataflex 2.3b to the current revision, and wrote the primary technical documentation. The system is currently in use by a franchise payroll service bureau.

Mr. Steffano’s skills are first-rate. He brings expertise not just in Dataflex programming and networking, but in general business practices as well. We would be more than happy to have him involved in future Dataforce computer projects. I highly recommend Mr. Steffano to any parties considering employing or contracting him.


Michael Luther

Dataforce Corporation
2655 Villa Creek
Suite 225
Dallas, Texas 75234