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Reindexing Steps for ITW VDF17.1, takes approx. 2 hours:

As of June 13, 2016

1. Disable Scheduled Tasks on Win7 virtual machine (see below for which ones).

  1. Remote into the Win7 Task Scheduler via Teamviewer ID: 708552296
  2. Log in as ‘APG’, pw=xxxxxx (obtain from your manager)
  3. Use the shortcut on the desktop or Go to Control Panel | Scheduled Tasks.
  4. Disable each running task (and note which ones they are).  Only Production tasks should be running (no QA tasks).

2. Login to the VDF17.1 server TF-VDF.  Close all open files in RCPRo from the server under Administrative Tools | Computer Management | System Tools | Shared Folders | Open Files (this has the effect of kicking everyone out).

  1. CTRL-A selects all open files, then right-click and select ‘Close open files’.
  2. If files stay open then you will have to reboot the server.

3. Temporarily rename X:/Production/Programs/menu_pass.exe to _menu_pass.exe.  This keeps people out of RCPRo until reindexing is completed.

4. Perform full reindex on server TF-VDF where Production dataset and workspace resides.  Performance is much better if run on server where data files reside.  Estimate 0.5 hours.

  1. Keep a sharp eye on GLTRAN.  There are sometimes issues with reindexing it.  Often it just hangs on index #2.  When that happens run Repair Header for it.
  2. ReIndex all tables except GLTran using DbBldr (in X:/Production/Bin)
  3. Then reindex GLTran using ReIndexGLTRan.exe (in X:/Production/Programs)

5. Use dbbldr to erase contents of LogHead and LogBody.

6. Reenable all Scheduled Tasks.

7. Rename _menu_pass.exe to menu_pass.exe

8. Communicate RCPRo is available again.  If not weekend then text Karen Rossman reindex is complete and any issues found (586-255-3565).  If weekend just send Karen Rossman email that reindex was performed.